Nico Damian | Berlin

My work is based on portraits, documentary and fashion.

Studying media design in Berlin

Privacy Policy

aka Data Protection BS. This is a non-commercial and private Portfolio. I  don't earn money with it. There's a couple of things I have to talk about, so grab a cup of ☕️ and read on if you like this kind of stuff.

§1 Hosting

The content of this blog is hosted on, my domains are hosted via I have probably a contract withthem somewhere in the depths of my inbox, as this website is online since 2016, 2017 they likely are very deep, deep down that inbox.

§2 Google Analytics and other tracking (Proofing)

I don't use GA on this site. I use Proofing via, wich collects data. This data will probably be saved on, wich is the hosting platform for this website. All that means that your visits are saved anywhere on this globe.

§3 Other Plugins and Apps

Third-party services (Instagram) is embed into my site, with Format acting as an intermediary for the data. These services may have their own terms of service, privacy policies, and other practices which differ from Format and my personal site. It is important to carefully review the policies of all services used. if you don't want that some company collects your IP address on my blog, don't visit it. Or simply use TOR of Freedome.

§4 Contacting me

If you decide you want to contact me, I will receive data from you. As you initated that contact, I will then sue you if you sue me. If you thus don't want that I sue you, don't write me Emails. If you want to get rid of an email you send me, i can delete the email. I use Gmail, so data will be saved from your IP and Email Adress to their servers. If you dont want that, don't send me any emails.


I don't use a comment section neither a personal blog.

§6 Cookies

Cookies are so tasty. But there are not on my blog. I payed to have an advertisement free blog. If advertisement still appear, please contact immediatly. Usually Cookies come from companies like Amazon Affiliate, Avantlink, Outtra, Affiliate Networks from some outdoor shops and more. They help earn money for commercial sites when you buy something at said shops. If you don't want to taste these cookies, turn "Do Not Track" on in your browser and don't read this online portfolio.

§7 Warnings

If you decide you want to send me a warning, rest assured that I have an excellent insurance and can call upon the best lawyers in this country. Besides knowing their laws they also are a 3rd Dan in Hontai Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu and hit an Albatross in every round of Golf they play. But maybe just use your common sense: Does it really make sense to waste your and my lawyer's time and send me a warning? Right, much better to go photographing.

§8 Final Clause

I am all about the protection of your and my data. I haven't looked up anyones IP address or anything else that has ever visited this website, and if you come here you likely are interested photography, which is all I care about. I'm not interested in your data, so if you don't want that I have it: Please stay out and close your browser.

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